Case Reports

McKay Flooring Limited

The consumer complained wooden flooring had not been installed correctly and asked for a refund. The trader argued that only 6 boards from the three rooms needed replacing and the gaps between the boards showing the unstained oak against the dark surface was not an installation defect. Read our full decision here.

Meduza Medical Limited -v- Pegasus Shopfitting Limited

A commercial dispute where both parties transacted in course of business. The Buyer complained that the Supplier had failed to use reasonable skill and care. Read our full decision here.

ASOS plc

The consumer complained that the trader had not dispatched to her all the items that she had ordered online. The trader closed the consumers account and refused to indemnify her against the non delivered items. Read the full decision here.

Tesco plc

The consumer filled up her car with diesel. The engine began to misfire. When the vehicle was examined the fuel was found to be seriously contaminated. When the consumer brought a claim against the trader, the trader responded with evidence consisting of water content monitoring reports, independent fuel testing records, deliveries & sales reports and records of the annual cleaning of tanks. The consumer had not retained the fuel filter or a sample of the fuel which might have enable the consumer to challenge the evidence of the trader. The consumer decided to withdraw her claim against the trader. The moral of the story here is keep hold of your evidence.

Caister Construction

A building construction dispute. Read our full decision here.

Burlington Renovations Limited Limited

A building construction dispute. Read our full decision here.

World Express Logistics

The consumer complained about additional charges raised by a freight forwarding company as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Read our decision here.

Epic Games ('Fortnite')

The consumer was banned from the online game 'Fortnite'. The trader alleged that the consumer had been cheating. Read our full decision here.

On the Go Tours

The trader entered the incorrect passenger name on an airline E ticket. The passenger confirmed the incorrect name as the correct name on the airline E ticket. We were asked to adjudicate on which party should pay the resulting cost of rectifying the error. Read the full decision here.

Servicing Stop Limited

The trader, a web based car servicing company, is liable for failing to use reasonable skill and care after arranging for repairs to the consumer's motor vehicle. Read our full decision here.

The consumer booked a hotel room in London only to find that the room was infested with mould. The trader denied liability saying it was an intermediary only - a technology company. Read the full decision here.


The consumer complained a repair to an Ipad screen had not been completed to a satisfactory standard and was impairing use. The consumer had to make several calls to tariff numbers and follow up emails. The trader offered a full refund to the consumer after we had become involved.

Wish Global Construction Limited

A building construction dispute with multiple parties. Read our full decision here.


The consumer complained the trader was being lethargic in the way it was dealing with problems she was having with her 55 inch curved TV. After the consumer complained to us the trader replaced the TV with a brand new one.

London Law Tutor Ltd.

The consumer, a law student, was not satisfied with Law Notes provided by the trader and asked for a refund. Read our full decision here.

Rainbow Day Nurseries

The consumer and trader were in dispute about fees payable following the government imposed lockdown as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The trader argued the notice period ran from the date the nursery was re-opened in line with government guidelines and a concession not to charge fees when closed. Read our decision here.