What We Do

We are a consumer dispute resolution centre providing our users with an independent review mechanism. We recognise that businesses and consumers want to get on but sometimes this is not possible. We provide our users with a third course.

We provide a specialist dispute resolution service for customers on behalf of businesses and organisations. For the individual, this allows for a quick and efficient redress without having to begin costly legal proceedings or engaging the formal processes of (often bureaucratic) public bodies. For businesses and organisations, we build and retain customer loyalty by promoting best practice. Please note that an outcome of a dispute adjudicated by us could be different to an outcome adjudicated by the Courts. Our decisions may be binding in law.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We provide an independent Appeal process where business deal with their own complaints. We are an official Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) body approved by the Chartered Institute of Trading Standards (CTSI) for claims brought in the EU. Our services are free of charge to the consumer. We cover all civil disputes between a consumer and a trader where the consumer seeks monetary compensation or other relief from the trader. We cover domestic and cross border disputes on consumer contracts initiated by the Consumer against a trader. No financial thresholds apply on the amount of claim that may be brought by the consumer.

If you are a consumer in the EU with a complaint against a trader which is unresolved, the trader must provide you with details of an approved ADR body and indicate if they are willing to enter into the process of dispute resolution. See our case reports on traders which provides a valuable resource to consumers. See also our consumer guides where we provide information on useful topics.

We also provide a mechanism for settling disputes on a provisional basis. This includes situations where there is an ongoing contractual relationship between the parties such as where the consumer is undertaking significant building works or other long term contract. A provisional decision may be necessary to allow the contract to be completed when the dispute can then be fully and properly resolved either by us under ADR or other dispute resolution process. This process follows the procedure set out in Section 108 of Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996.

Business to Consumer Contracts

Online complaints platform

We provide businesses with an online complaints platform on behalf of their customers. By managing complaints on behalf of businesses, we create brand loyalty ensuring satisfactory outcomes for both the business and consumer.

Our complaints handlers are experts in consumer law and apply best practice when dealing with complaints to ensure high standards of service is provided by business to their customers. We help businesses identify under performing sectors. We use technology to manage complaints on behalf of businesses.

Consumer or individual rights under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Most commercial transactions are made over the internet. For the individual, this will generally involve a transfer of personal data. For businesses, this will involve data processing or may involve data profiling of customers. GDPR gives important individual rights over business and organisations who process or control their customers personal data. We will review decisions of businesses or organisations where the individual is not satisfied with the decision of the business or organisation. Our services ensure effective compliance with GDPR for businesses and organisations in line with guidelines published by the Information Commissioner's Office.

Disciplinary action at work

Employers should allow an Employee to Appeal against any formal decision made. It may be difficult for the Employer to conduct an Appeal by someone who has not previously been involved in the case or by someone who does not know the parties involved. An Employee may feel senior management hearing any Appeal will not side with them and as a result will not be satisfied with the outcome of the Appeal. We provide the Employer and Employee with an impartial Appeal process. We help businesses and organisations meet basic requirements of fairness set out in the ACAS Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures.

Maintaining professional standards in Clubs & Associations

We hear claims of misconduct against members of clubs & associations. We help clubs & associations maintain best practices. The incorporation of our code of conduct enables clubs & associations to ensure effective compliance by their members in a fair and impartial process.

Important note for our users

CTSI regulatory approval applies in respect of our work dealing with business to consumer contracts only and not to any other aspect of our work dealing with GDPR issues or employer/employee situations or work involving disciplinary actions taken by clubs and associations.