Our Adjudicators and ADR Officials

All our disputes are case managed by the Registrar in the first instance. Our ADR officials will be the adjudicators of all disputes. All disputes will be referred to our ADR officials. The ADR official will apply the rules of procedure for determination of any dispute referred to us.

Our ADR officials are trained experts in consumer law. Appeals by Employees against decisions of Employers are conducted by Employment law practitioners. We provide in house training and provide knowledge skills on the products and services commonly referred to us. We will ensure the education and training is kept up to date. We focus on our skills on providing a first rate Alternative Dispute Resolution service. Once appointed, the ADR official will continue to be the same ADR official until the determination of the claim. This way, our users can be certain that the ADR official will be properly placed to determine the claim.

The minimum qualification for the Registrar at the London Arbitration Centre is a qualified Solicitor with a minimum of 10 years experience in dealing with civil/commercial disputes.