Our Code where a Conflict of Interest is Identified

The London Arbitration Centre has in place the following procedure in the event that an Adjudicator (or ADR official appointed under the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015) declares or is discovered to have a conflict of interest in relation to a domestic dispute or cross-border dispute:

(a) Where possible, the Adjudicator will be replaced by another Adjudicator to handle the particular dispute;

(b) If the Adjudicator cannot be replaced by another Adjudicator:
(i) The Adjudicator must refrain from conducting the alternative dispute resolution procedure, and
(ii) The London Arbitration Centre will, where possible, propose to the parties that they submit the dispute to another ADR entity which is competent to deal with it;

(c) If the dispute cannot be transferred to another ADR entity, the London Arbitration Centre will:
(i) Inform the parties to the dispute of the circumstances of the conflict of interest,
(ii) Inform the parties to the dispute that they have the right to object to the conflicted person continuing to handle the dispute; and
(iii) Inform the parties that the London Arbitration Centre can only continue to deal with the dispute if no party to the dispute objects.