Data Protection

We hold only personal data submitted to us as part of any claim or complaint. We keep records of personal data for the purpose of these activities.

Where a complaint is submitted to us through our online consumer dispute resolution portal data, the personal data will consist of a file of documents supplied to us by the customer. We may share personal data with the business or trader with whom you are in dispute. Personal data may also be processed by us for the purpose of resolution of the complaint against the business. Any personal data will be deleted 12 months after the complaint has been closed by us.

Contact us for further information about your personal data in relation to:

- Individuals rights (including the right to be forgotten)
- Data subject access requests
- Privacy policies
- Receiving and requesting consent
- Breach notifications

Your personal data includes information about you and data from which you may be identified. Personal data includes information such as your IP address and cookies.

Summary of your rights:

  • You are entitled to ask for details of the personal data that is processed by us.
  • You are entitled to ask that your personal data to be deleted by us. This is the right to be 'forgotton'.
  • You are entitled to have your personal data deleted if it is no longer required by us. If we do retain any data this will be because we are obliged to do so by law solely for the prevention of money laudering or terrorist financing.
  • You are entitled to have any personal data we hold on you to be rectified by us.

Remember these rights are free of charge.

If you are concerned about your information rights practices, you should report this to us. You should put your concern in writing and send it to the Registrar in the first instance. We aim to respond to any information rights concerns you have and clarify how we have processed your personal information. We will put right anything that's gone wrong.

If you are still not satisfied with our response, you may report your concern to the Information Commissioner's Office. We are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office.