I have a dispute with a trader who won't respond to my complaints ?

We need the consent of both parties to a dispute before we can adjudicate on a dispute. Without such consent from the trader we can't adjudicate on a dispute.

The trader has not responded to your complaints- can we write to the trader on your behalf ?

Sorry we can't. Whilst we do our utmost to assist consumers in their situation, we are a private organisation without access to public funding. Occasionally, we may contact the trader to obtain information about a specific dispute or seek confirmation about a proposed referral to ADR.

I am a consumer, how much will the ADR cost ?

The ADR is free of charge once the dispute is accepted by us for adjudication.

I am a trader, how much will the ADR cost ?

The cost of a single ADR is usually between £250-£500 depending on the value and complexity of the dispute. An accurate fee quotation can be provided once you have provided to us full details of the dispute. We do try and encourage you to join our ADR scheme as part of your compliance obligations under UK Regulations.

We have both agreed (consumer and trader) that ADR is the most suitable method for resolving our dispute, how is the process started ?

The consumer should begin the claim process by pressing the start button on the homepage of our website. We will contact the trader once we receive details of the claim.

How do you resolve disputes once a claim has been referred to you ?

We consider what each party says and then make a decision on the claim. We don't try to mediate a settlement on behalf of the parties. Both parties would need to let us know beforehand if they require mediation instead of adjudication.

What if the trader does not abide by any decision you make ?

The decision or order that we make can be registered in the Courts of England & Wales under the provisions of the Arbitration Act 1996 and then enforced as an Order of the Court using the methods prescribed for the enforcement of civil awards. There are court fees payable to the HM Courts & Tribunal Service if you decide to follow this process.