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Information about your claim: Key Stage Approach

Stage 1

Complain to the trader involved:
You should give them a chance to put things right.
You should go through all stages of their complaints procedure.

Stage 2

Start your claim against the trader through us:
If your problem has not been put right or If you have not had a response within a reasonable time.

Stage 3

Dealing with your claim:
We will take a first look at your claim and advise on the next steps.

Claim Form

You are about to complete our online claim form.
There will be an opportunity to attach a copy of the final letter you have had in response to your complaint to the trader concerned. Please do this, if you can.
Once you have submitted your form, you will be sent a copy by email shortly afterwards.

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How has this affected you? Have you suffered a financial loss? Have you been put to a lot of trouble or inconvenience?(*)

What do you think the trader should do to put things right?(*)

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Please attach a copy of your final response from the trader that you are complaining about.

The final response is usually a letter or email that refers you to an ADR entity and it is important we see this in full.
This complaint form will only accept one attachment and we have a maximum file size of 8MB.
We allow the following file types: txt; pdf; doc; docx; ppt; xls; xlsx; wav; mp3; jpg; gif; tiff
If your file is larger than 8MB, please do not attempt to send it, as your complaint may not get through to us.
Please do not send any other documents at this stage. We will discuss with you what other documents we need to see.

Declaration and statement of truth

1. By submitting this claim to the London Arbitration Centre Limited, I understand that I am entering into a contract with the London Arbitration Centre Limited to provide Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services.
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3. I agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the London Arbitration Centre Limited including the rules of procedure for dealing with any claim.
4. I agree to indemnify the London Arbitration Centre Limited for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by the London Arbitration Centre Limited dealing with this claim.
5. I consent to the disclosure of the information in this form to the trader and any ADR Official appointed by the London Arbitration Centre Limited.
6. I believe that the facts stated in this claim form are true.


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